Saturday, June 24, 2017

the day of "nothingness" ...

ya, right.  think again.
since it's light out at 4:45am ... or cracking dawn, I'm up (awake) (not sleeping) ... so this morning I went to the office and chopped another truckload of weeds.  Parked on the sidewalk and went at it.  Friday night Doug helped me load up the previous choppings -- and I hauled them to the City pile.
Post chopping -- headed home for the shower ... and walked over to the long arm and thought hmmm maybe I should be quilting today... so from the top down -- those 5 got quilted as is one that didn't make the picture.  it went well -- so I kept on stitching -- have 3 more in the pink hues to do tonight --
get 'em done.  dang my HQ16 is the workhorse! 
I drove back to the office to mow this evening -- and renter had already done it -- made my day!!!!

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