Monday, July 31, 2017

weekend life

as per the usual a lot of living got crammed into 60 hours of weekend....

I went home early (if 3:30 is early) and napped -- I must have needed it -- and then the sewing binge continued -- more binding.  All but one is done and then I pieced more tops -- giant 4 patch blocks .. kind of fun. 

there are fabulous lake pictures on instagram and wastebook -- I finally got out there on Saturday night -- it was gorgeous and I must be tasty -- the skeeters found me quickly --

and yesterday --- ah relaxing Sunday -- in a chair on the deck, lakeside and deck at home. 

I think the eye is healing nicely -- it feels better anyway -- the redness is gone, the swelling is gone, the watering is gone, the blurry vision is gone -- the itchy's are gone -- I started the 2nd set of drops yesterday -- those buggers sting. 

so it is Monday and a list of projects await me.
the lists are endless.

because in 5 days I'm back to the water!


Friday, July 28, 2017

sometimes (usually) I'm an idiot

so yesterday after several months of a "red" itchy scratchy eye -- I went to the eye doctor instead of the medical doctor ... hmmmm probably should have started with Dr. D first ....

ulcer on my cornea -- hmmmm ....

I had pink eye back in December and looking back -- it might not have been pink eye and all winter/spring the same eye was weird -- used my over the counter drops and it seemed to get better but eventually it would come back ....

at the annual visit to the doctor last week Dr. B suggested Dr. D if it didn't get any better -- yesterday it was extremely red and watering ... so I called --


2 - 3 weeks of antibiotic drops -- 10 days of steroids balanced with the antibiotics

I have to admit it looks a bit better this morning and most of the itching is better ---

so rather than dwell on the eye and my idiotic behavior last night --- I sewed -- binding done on 3 more crib quilts ... and it went pretty well -- binding prepped for 3 more and then I'll have everything bound from the first quilting binge.  Should finish those this evening!  And new binge of quilting over the weekend -- I've got a pile of prints picked out for two-color whole cloth crib quilts .. (one color each side) sometimes the prints are too pretty to chop up into pieces!  ..

advice of the year -- go to the Doctor!



Monday, July 24, 2017

weeds, big weeds

someone (well, someone I know) posted this on Wastebook --- the chat was about the motorcycle -- but I spied my house and the weeds... that green 5' tall blob at 9:00 is a perennial bed.  Can you spot the perennials?  Didn't think so ....

Sunday, July 23, 2017

weekends ....

my Cooking Light magazine or Real Simple -- can't remember which one -- I'm catching up on the back issues -- anyway, had flatbread pizzas.  easy peasy!

after grilling -- no mess, no fuss and easy to customize ... not to mention -- good portion control

well, I lost the picture of the done stack!  Bound 4 quilts Saturday afternoon/evening at home -- it was too freeking hot to be outdoors (again) ... and today I took 3 quilts to the cabin with me to bind and finished those up -- all are crib/toddler sized so it goes fairly quickly -- I had the quilts squared and the binding strips pre cut ... and I attach and finish the binding by machine ... they are tougher and sturdier ... ready for hard use!

okay figured out how to retrieve the done stack -- all washed and dried and ready to go ..

Saturday, July 22, 2017

yes, that's me on the gizmo

yes, here is the proof ... one of the scrapping divas was surprised because I can't SWIM.  Might have to take it for another spin tomorrow ... we'll see if it is as calm as last week.
Hell week 2 is over and hell week 3 starts tomorrow ...
Monday was P & Z
Tuesday was Dept Head, Board Workshop & R9
   (plus a stop at Mkto Ford and Office Max)
Wednesday was Township Officers
Thursday was Criminal Justice and Father Lee's funeral
Friday was the annual doctor visit
   (all is well for another 365 days even had the boob press procedure)
it is too blazing hot and humid for the lake, so today was Marie Day -- I got up, got dressed and took myself to Mankato for a spot of shopping -- Kohls always loves me -- damn bra's are expensive, Michels Crafts was only $20, JoAnn Fabrics - we won't discuss and I bought nothing at Herbergers!  Gas and a wash for Ruby and home.
Did coffee at the nursing home with Diva Jane -- she's mending well!  Now it's home -- cleaning, sewing, chores and more chores ... so tomorrow will be spent at the happy place! 
Nothing on my list of last week got accomplished.  dang.

Monday, July 17, 2017

new stuff

as in experiencing new things ...

so, Sunday's gig was ...... driving the Wave Runner ... (the Yamaha version of a Jet Ski) ... never did that before.  there are pictures.  it's kinda squishy feeling.  I thought it would be more like a snowmobile or an atv -- but well, water is squishy.  I puttered around in our bay (it's really calm and isolated back there) ... and then went out into the main body of the lake -- where there was more traffic and wakes ... not good -- wakes make the WR wiggle more.  I'm told it does 50 miles an hour --- I won't be experiencing that feature.

it was fun -- I'll do it again. 

today's gig was .....  a blood draw at the clinic with one stick ... I literally drank two quarts of water before I arrived ... one stick -- 2 (maybe 3) viles of blood ... then I came back to the office and parked my new (er) truck in the office garage -- with the assistance of the back up camera.  too cool.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

This week's PROJECT LIST

unfortunately I function better with a list -- the Maker Fair is 89 days away I have oodles of stuff to finish before then.


1.   Bind the crib/toddler quilts on the chair (all 13 of them).
2.   Finish the dress pile.
3.   Finish the card pile.
4.   Cut pillow cases out of the solids.
5.   Cut and piece some type of quilt out of the scrap piles.
6.   Cut out 10/12 more pillow case dresses.
7.   Cut out chicken pincushions.
8.   Market bags -- just do it.
9.   Mini bags.

10 . Set up the clothes rack at home.
11.  Work out a booth layout.

1.   Keep hacking at the office weeds.
2.   Replant hanging baskets into the front tubs
3.   Clean the garage.
4.   DSS/HF/HD/WBG  just do it.
5.   PR get it rolling

and as always


Keep that sewing/crafty space clean ...

dang, sewing is messy work!   I spent an hour with the vacuum cleaner down there last night -- fuzzies everywhere -- which I think the quilt batting is the culprit ... 


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday adventures

I took a little road trip to town this morning -- stopped at the office to water the plants, retrieve the paper, pick up some homework (it never ends). I (we, Mom was along) then stopped at the Farmer's Market for some pix to post on their Wastebook (Facebook) page ... it was so sunny I couldn't see a thing on my camera screen but when I downloaded them at home ... I had this shot of Paige and Eldie's hands .. it's kind of cool ... totally unplanned, unscripted, just plain lucky.

and the newer wheels -- dirty, needs a bath. 
After the office homework, it is back to the sewing machine.  I spent several hours last night and early am -- squaring up quilts, cutting out binding, plotting out the next move ... need to do a deep cleaning down there too ... it's getting a bit out of control (insert grin)

Friday, July 14, 2017


some things in life are just kind of odd.  Cemeteries  are one of those things.  Beautiful park like settings -- respectful spaces -- quiet, peaceful ... but it always tweeks my heart when I see the grave digger doing his thing. 

  It's worse when I knew the newly departed ... I know ... weird.

  And I know, the digging crew is also respectful (or I hope they are) but it's just weird.....

  I dashed up to the bakery for a last minute cupcake (pistachio, to be exact) and well -- there was a lot of activity in the cemetery.  Lawn mowers were zipping around, some kid was weed whipping, someone was tree trimming, and well ... the space was being prepped for Mr. Vetter.  Weird.  Nothing more to say or add, weird.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

crazy continues

every night this week is occupied

on a lighter note here is my old truck didn't it clean up nice ... love the description "gently used" ... wth ... at least it didn't say "watermelon hauler, snow pusher, ferried Diva to work almost every day for 5 years -- through rain, snow, ice, and other crap falling from the heavens" ...

elder #1 is putting mud flaps on the brown one -- and a kit that seals up the tail gate ?  I think he's also played with the navigation system -- mind you -- it's parked in the shed ... whatever.

tonight's agenda is a League of Women Voters Forum on elected officials -- duties of the position and other thoughts ... this should be entertaining.  we're betting on the number of victims that actually attend.  yes, victims, it is a very unexciting topic.

toodles ...

ps  if you need a "gently used" truck I know where it is!


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

the cure for the crabby's

see life was truly out of control at the office ...

after my 14 hour day I went home
thought about a walk (thought)
hopped on the ATV and took a drive ...

and I found a sea of lavender ..
my first thought -- thistles
but no, monarda -- or bee balm

huge clumps of them ...
the bees and other critters were busy enjoying them
it 'twas 13 hours today
but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel
just breathe .....

Monday, July 10, 2017

ranting and raving

  I don't think I rant and rave very often but lately it seems to be the condition of the moment.  People are nuts and not getting saner. 

  I'm just as bad -- I just replied to an email from a client with "over my dead body" and I was serious ...

  Time to get out the steel big girl panties and knock some sense into the idiots.


Someday I'm going to write the book ... 'Things not to do on a Monday' or 'Marie's Rules' and the first rule  is....

1.  Don't call the CPA expect to get in immediately on any Monday.
2.  Don't call the CPA at 8:00am Monday morning and ask a detailed question.
3.  Don't call the CPA and ask why she sounds crabby.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekends on Daisy Lane

  I was a good hard working Diva this weekend -- I went to the office on Saturday and put in most of a day .... projects ... busy week ahead and I went back in this morning for a couple of hours ... July is busy and I want everything done early ... really early ...

Stashed the new truck in the shed .. haven't driven Ruby for a week -- I'm sure she misses me .... I really like the new (er) truck ... played with some of the gizmo's today .. I like her!  But boy does she show dust ... we need rain .. and she needs a bath!
I didn't tell the elders about her until yesterday's phone call while they were trekking home from Canada.    I think they like her too ... we went to supper Saturday night ... lots of backseat room according to #1 ...

Mom and I went to the cabin this afternoon -- tidied up the fridge and had a few deck moments -- watered the petunias ... etc... then it started to rain ....

a little bit of crafting on Friday night -- met the scrapbooking divas at the Jesus church for a little stitching time ... I sewed on buttons ... lots of buttons ... the others were busy with cards and paper pumpkins and all that other good stuff....

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

it was time

my red truck was starting to have the symptoms of old age ...
old in years, not in miles
I've been window shopping on the local auto dealers web pages since last fall

she hauled a lot of watermelons over the last 6 years ... probably more melons than miles (ya, that is kind of odd) .. if I added together the squash, pumpkins, fancies and melons -- yep, more stuff than miles...
6 winters of getting me to work every winter day .... and those non winter days when it was icy, slippery, flooded roads and the dreaded road construction detours ....

she even functioned as a quilt rack in 2015
by the way this quilt is the one on my bed .. summer and winter .. it's thin and
handles my "uneven/changing" body temp  (insert grin)
so on Monday, red became Kodiak brown
and Kodiak brown has more bells and whistles than anyone could possibly need
the extra doors and roomy back seat is nice
the heated / cooled seats might be nice (haven't tried them out yet)
she's not new -- new is not in this Diva's budget
but fancy - scary fancy
she drives nice and hopefully fits in the home garage (haven't tried that out yet either)
time will tell -- let's hope it's 13 good years like red !!

Sunday, July 2, 2017


bird shots from my new (fairly inexpensive camera) .. it's a Canon -- small, light ... hopefully durable

and then the battery when dead .... so this one (above) and the following are the old camera


Saturday, July 1, 2017

June on Daisy Lane

Well, it was really uneventful ...

I made a couple of trips thru the crp ...
we spent many hours at the happy place and are headed out there shortly ...
the blooms are spectacular in June
did a little purging at the office -- need a file cabinet?
sewed a heap of projects ...

and got to tour a road project -- up close and personal
no I did not drive the paver .

and well, the nightlife in downtown St Peter can get entertaining after 8:00 pm
we also celebrated the wedding of Emily and LeeRoi ... alas no pictures -- of the happy event ... I left my phone in the car for most of it ...