Thursday, July 13, 2017

crazy continues

every night this week is occupied

on a lighter note here is my old truck didn't it clean up nice ... love the description "gently used" ... wth ... at least it didn't say "watermelon hauler, snow pusher, ferried Diva to work almost every day for 5 years -- through rain, snow, ice, and other crap falling from the heavens" ...

elder #1 is putting mud flaps on the brown one -- and a kit that seals up the tail gate ?  I think he's also played with the navigation system -- mind you -- it's parked in the shed ... whatever.

tonight's agenda is a League of Women Voters Forum on elected officials -- duties of the position and other thoughts ... this should be entertaining.  we're betting on the number of victims that actually attend.  yes, victims, it is a very unexciting topic.

toodles ...

ps  if you need a "gently used" truck I know where it is!


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