Wednesday, July 5, 2017

it was time

my red truck was starting to have the symptoms of old age ...
old in years, not in miles
I've been window shopping on the local auto dealers web pages since last fall

she hauled a lot of watermelons over the last 6 years ... probably more melons than miles (ya, that is kind of odd) .. if I added together the squash, pumpkins, fancies and melons -- yep, more stuff than miles...
6 winters of getting me to work every winter day .... and those non winter days when it was icy, slippery, flooded roads and the dreaded road construction detours ....

she even functioned as a quilt rack in 2015
by the way this quilt is the one on my bed .. summer and winter .. it's thin and
handles my "uneven/changing" body temp  (insert grin)
so on Monday, red became Kodiak brown
and Kodiak brown has more bells and whistles than anyone could possibly need
the extra doors and roomy back seat is nice
the heated / cooled seats might be nice (haven't tried them out yet)
she's not new -- new is not in this Diva's budget
but fancy - scary fancy
she drives nice and hopefully fits in the home garage (haven't tried that out yet either)
time will tell -- let's hope it's 13 good years like red !!

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