Friday, July 14, 2017


some things in life are just kind of odd.  Cemeteries  are one of those things.  Beautiful park like settings -- respectful spaces -- quiet, peaceful ... but it always tweeks my heart when I see the grave digger doing his thing. 

  It's worse when I knew the newly departed ... I know ... weird.

  And I know, the digging crew is also respectful (or I hope they are) but it's just weird.....

  I dashed up to the bakery for a last minute cupcake (pistachio, to be exact) and well -- there was a lot of activity in the cemetery.  Lawn mowers were zipping around, some kid was weed whipping, someone was tree trimming, and well ... the space was being prepped for Mr. Vetter.  Weird.  Nothing more to say or add, weird.


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