Monday, July 17, 2017

new stuff

as in experiencing new things ...

so, Sunday's gig was ...... driving the Wave Runner ... (the Yamaha version of a Jet Ski) ... never did that before.  there are pictures.  it's kinda squishy feeling.  I thought it would be more like a snowmobile or an atv -- but well, water is squishy.  I puttered around in our bay (it's really calm and isolated back there) ... and then went out into the main body of the lake -- where there was more traffic and wakes ... not good -- wakes make the WR wiggle more.  I'm told it does 50 miles an hour --- I won't be experiencing that feature.

it was fun -- I'll do it again. 

today's gig was .....  a blood draw at the clinic with one stick ... I literally drank two quarts of water before I arrived ... one stick -- 2 (maybe 3) viles of blood ... then I came back to the office and parked my new (er) truck in the office garage -- with the assistance of the back up camera.  too cool.


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