Monday, July 10, 2017

ranting and raving

  I don't think I rant and rave very often but lately it seems to be the condition of the moment.  People are nuts and not getting saner. 

  I'm just as bad -- I just replied to an email from a client with "over my dead body" and I was serious ...

  Time to get out the steel big girl panties and knock some sense into the idiots.


Someday I'm going to write the book ... 'Things not to do on a Monday' or 'Marie's Rules' and the first rule  is....

1.  Don't call the CPA expect to get in immediately on any Monday.
2.  Don't call the CPA at 8:00am Monday morning and ask a detailed question.
3.  Don't call the CPA and ask why she sounds crabby.

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