Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday adventures

I took a little road trip to town this morning -- stopped at the office to water the plants, retrieve the paper, pick up some homework (it never ends). I (we, Mom was along) then stopped at the Farmer's Market for some pix to post on their Wastebook (Facebook) page ... it was so sunny I couldn't see a thing on my camera screen but when I downloaded them at home ... I had this shot of Paige and Eldie's hands .. it's kind of cool ... totally unplanned, unscripted, just plain lucky.

and the newer wheels -- dirty, needs a bath. 
After the office homework, it is back to the sewing machine.  I spent several hours last night and early am -- squaring up quilts, cutting out binding, plotting out the next move ... need to do a deep cleaning down there too ... it's getting a bit out of control (insert grin)

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