Friday, July 28, 2017

sometimes (usually) I'm an idiot

so yesterday after several months of a "red" itchy scratchy eye -- I went to the eye doctor instead of the medical doctor ... hmmmm probably should have started with Dr. D first ....

ulcer on my cornea -- hmmmm ....

I had pink eye back in December and looking back -- it might not have been pink eye and all winter/spring the same eye was weird -- used my over the counter drops and it seemed to get better but eventually it would come back ....

at the annual visit to the doctor last week Dr. B suggested Dr. D if it didn't get any better -- yesterday it was extremely red and watering ... so I called --


2 - 3 weeks of antibiotic drops -- 10 days of steroids balanced with the antibiotics

I have to admit it looks a bit better this morning and most of the itching is better ---

so rather than dwell on the eye and my idiotic behavior last night --- I sewed -- binding done on 3 more crib quilts ... and it went pretty well -- binding prepped for 3 more and then I'll have everything bound from the first quilting binge.  Should finish those this evening!  And new binge of quilting over the weekend -- I've got a pile of prints picked out for two-color whole cloth crib quilts .. (one color each side) sometimes the prints are too pretty to chop up into pieces!  ..

advice of the year -- go to the Doctor!



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