Sunday, July 16, 2017

This week's PROJECT LIST

unfortunately I function better with a list -- the Maker Fair is 89 days away I have oodles of stuff to finish before then.


1.   Bind the crib/toddler quilts on the chair (all 13 of them).
2.   Finish the dress pile.
3.   Finish the card pile.
4.   Cut pillow cases out of the solids.
5.   Cut and piece some type of quilt out of the scrap piles.
6.   Cut out 10/12 more pillow case dresses.
7.   Cut out chicken pincushions.
8.   Market bags -- just do it.
9.   Mini bags.

10 . Set up the clothes rack at home.
11.  Work out a booth layout.

1.   Keep hacking at the office weeds.
2.   Replant hanging baskets into the front tubs
3.   Clean the garage.
4.   DSS/HF/HD/WBG  just do it.
5.   PR get it rolling

and as always


Keep that sewing/crafty space clean ...

dang, sewing is messy work!   I spent an hour with the vacuum cleaner down there last night -- fuzzies everywhere -- which I think the quilt batting is the culprit ... 


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