Monday, July 31, 2017

weekend life

as per the usual a lot of living got crammed into 60 hours of weekend....

I went home early (if 3:30 is early) and napped -- I must have needed it -- and then the sewing binge continued -- more binding.  All but one is done and then I pieced more tops -- giant 4 patch blocks .. kind of fun. 

there are fabulous lake pictures on instagram and wastebook -- I finally got out there on Saturday night -- it was gorgeous and I must be tasty -- the skeeters found me quickly --

and yesterday --- ah relaxing Sunday -- in a chair on the deck, lakeside and deck at home. 

I think the eye is healing nicely -- it feels better anyway -- the redness is gone, the swelling is gone, the watering is gone, the blurry vision is gone -- the itchy's are gone -- I started the 2nd set of drops yesterday -- those buggers sting. 

so it is Monday and a list of projects await me.
the lists are endless.

because in 5 days I'm back to the water!


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