Sunday, July 23, 2017

weekends ....

my Cooking Light magazine or Real Simple -- can't remember which one -- I'm catching up on the back issues -- anyway, had flatbread pizzas.  easy peasy!

after grilling -- no mess, no fuss and easy to customize ... not to mention -- good portion control

well, I lost the picture of the done stack!  Bound 4 quilts Saturday afternoon/evening at home -- it was too freeking hot to be outdoors (again) ... and today I took 3 quilts to the cabin with me to bind and finished those up -- all are crib/toddler sized so it goes fairly quickly -- I had the quilts squared and the binding strips pre cut ... and I attach and finish the binding by machine ... they are tougher and sturdier ... ready for hard use!

okay figured out how to retrieve the done stack -- all washed and dried and ready to go ..

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