Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Argh, it's Tuesday

Some days this is my life
(well without the red rotary phone)

Tuesday -- Commissioner Day -- Board Meeting today and then starts 10 days of budget committee meetings, Board Workshops, Planning/Zoning and a whole host of other .... some good -- some not so good. I'd like to think I've been prepping for these 10 days all summer, alas, it's just falling together.
After Friday's landscaping binge and quilting extravaganza I crashed quickly on Saturday -- a flurry (literally) of activity got me and Auntie Joanne to the cabin and after lunch; I had a 3 hour nap.  She woke me at that point -- I was tired (!).   Sunday was even less exciting -- I went back to the cabin -- and watched it rain for an hour -- cleaned up, packed out the trash, food etc and went home (where it wasn't raining -- a mere 10 miles away) ... and started cleaning at home. 
This cleaning crap needs to end -- eventually I'll have to start all over -- argh!  Bedroom and home office were Sunday's focus -- more trash, more dust, less stuff.  I did arrive at the sewing space and cut out 6 more dresses -- new patterns -- new ideas -- so since darkness is arriving earlier and staying later -- I'll be indoors sewing ..
So it rolls on 3rd Street on Tuesday ...

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