Wednesday, August 2, 2017

ee ii oo -- yikes

crap-tastic ... marie speak for I don't feel like working. 

the I don't want to works ... have been an issue for two days ...
so what to do about it ...

keep working...
argh ..

saw this nifty picture on wastebook and grabbed it ... evidently some idiot in Mankato had a moment and thru a watermelon at someone's car -- well, I've had moments but I would never throw a watermelon at someone's car... wth peeps -- who would waste a tasty melon
kinda missing the buggers this week -- the patch was always my stress relief -- and mood altering space ..
had a good eye doctor visit this morning .. changing up the drug / drop schedule -- it is good
I then dashed to the dentist ... lots of tinkering to make my new gold crown fit properly ... and filled the fillings ...
a day in Marie's life -- never uneventful.

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