Friday, August 4, 2017

happy happy Friday

 what a week eh! 

hot, cold, windy, nice ... no rain.

so Diva Jane is back in town -- her stint at HCMC sounds quite entertaining -- we left the nursing home at 9:15 last night -- most of the residents were in bed  (insert grin) ...

my hair got cut, shampoo was purchased and take out Chinese were the other highlights of Thursday!  short hair feels good .. Chinese was delightful and got home and realized I bought the wrong shampoo!  yikes!

project list for F, S & Su

1.  load up the weeds and haul 'em away.
     a. mow the dang grass
2.  BEH, DSS  get 'em done.
3.  SRC
4.  Trash & Vac

5.  press quilt tops and get 'em quilted
6.  cut out more dresses (new pattern(s))
7.  finish up tissue holders and more mug rugs
8.  potholders -- play with patterns (demo it )

9.  laundry
10. water the freeking tomatos

so the endless list continues.

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