Saturday, August 5, 2017

it was a good Friday

I was fed up from work --- or too much work or a lack of focus at work I left the office
it was a great day to be a cloud watcher ... I took an atv ride when I got home and checked out life on this farm!
the tomato / eggplant garden ...
lots of watering they dry out hourly

the old chicken run is now a squash patch
a volunteer squash patch not sure what is going to appear
oh me truck needs a bath (and maybe gas too)
coneflowers in the perennial bed -- it's a purple kind of year

the pampered squash -- getting a drink

and the petunia planter -- it is at least a yard in diameter -- I took a hanging basket and replanted into a tub/planter and well, the 'tunies are loving it.
I finally got back to the Handquilter last night -- 5 more crib quilts!  done!  ready to bind -- they are packed up and ready for binding at the cabin.  I did 3 more this morning -- today's batch is shades of gray, black, white and teal -- very pretty ... need to clean and organize down there this evening ...
all in all -- it was a damn good Friday --

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