Thursday, August 10, 2017


ya, thank God, it's Thursday ...

It is the crazy life I lead -- I look for blessings in the small details.  Like, it is Thursday. 

I managed 4 hours at the sewing machine last night -- well, make that 3 -- it took an hour to tidy up the sewing space.  Let me put it this way -- I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH SHIT in my sewing room.  And add the inability to focus on one project at a time = = disaster.

So I cleaned off the cabinet counter -- put things away (where I discovered even more FABRIC) ... thru out some bits and pieces ... then went to work ... pressed 25 more tissue holders together and they are half sewed, finished piecing a crib quilt (and it's pressed), laid out some 5" square and made up some mug rugs and started sewing on some more dresses.  More pillow case dresses from fancy fabrics ....

Tonight's agenda --

1.  finish the mug rugs
2.  finish sewing the tissue holders
3.  finish 4 pillow case dresses
4.  piece and serge the pillowcases that are cut out

I stopped at my favorite Hometown Shopko and bought new storage tubs yesterday -- so I'm going to photograph, label and mark the done stuff.  I might test the selling waters at the farmers market this weekend....

this weekend -- (most of this I can do at the cabin)

1.  bind the 4 patch crib quilts
2.  finish the dresses (new patterns)
3.  cut out the board shorts (cute plaids)
4.  work on the tu tu's

5.  nap
6.  read
7.  eat healthy
8.  throw out some shit.

ta ta
off to toss more shit.


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